Phone Number: 612-812-1907

Overcoming daily struggles is manageable with the support of trusted care providers.

The elderly find a new place of comfort in our facility knowing that they will be properly provided for and assisted. And that is the promise we continue to fulfill by supporting them in their daily activities.

Activities of Daily Living and Instrumental Activities of Daily are indicators of the independence and self-care abilities of the elderly. When performing ADLs and IADLs consume their physical and mental strengths, living in a facility like ours is recommended.

Our facility at Tabernacle Home Care LLC is designed to manifest a home-like environment where the elderly can live in comfort and receive assistance for their daily needs.

As physical- and health-related conditions affect their mobility and ambulation, residents receive help in bathing, dressing, grooming, nail and foot care, hair care, toileting, continence care, and feeding. Furthermore, they receive assistance in more complex tasks, such as using communication devices, gardening, exercising, reading and writing, understanding information, and organizing.

Every day, our goal is to make residents feel comfortable so that staying with us is like staying at home with a family.