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Keeping rooms and private spaces neat and in order promotes the health and hygiene of residents.

Keeping the living environment clean and well-ordered promotes the health of residents and manifests an atmosphere of serenity and clarity.

Doing housekeeping may already be taxing for seniors. Limited mobility hampers them from doing the laundry, vacuuming, and wiping the windows. In this time of their lives when safety must be prioritized, elderly residents are properly assisted by our housekeepers who get the work done.

At Tabernacle Home Care LLC, housekeeping services are designed to maintain sanitation and safety of the rooms and amenities to facilitate livelier and healthier interactions among residents. Moreover, housekeepers promote hygiene by regularly changing linens and taking care of the laundry. Spills are immediately cleaned and clutter are minimized to prevent accidents.

Safety modifications are also implemented in all rooms based on the needs of residents.