Phone Number: 612-812-1907

We guarantee safety and comfort on the road for your loved ones.

There is no more need to make arrangements for a separate transportation provider when Tabernacle Home Care LLC takes care of your loved ones while on the road.

Medical transportation brings residents to doctor’s appointments for regular check-ups and to health facilities to receive treatments that are not offered in our assisted living home. Meanwhile, non-medical transportation services are intended to deliver residents to venues of family gatherings and social set-ups.

Tabernacle Home Care LLC guarantees the safety and comfort of residents by incorporating assistive devices into vehicles. Residents with mobility concerns must use wheelchairs and must be accompanied by a care provider. Furthermore, we employ state-licensed drivers who have gone through training and thorough background checks and are insured.

By accompanying residents to their destination, we fulfill our responsibility of protecting them to the best that we can do.