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Skilled nursing care prioritizes the health concerns of residents in a timely and effective manner.

Where there is professional nursing care, families can rest easy that their loved ones are in the trusted hands of qualified health workers.

Nursing care is a primary concern of families of residents who have chronic illnesses and other health-related conditions. The presence of registered nurses in an assisted living home ensures that care will be duly given to residents when they need it.

Medically competent and experienced nurses at Tabernacle Home Care LLC ensure that each resident has the right to receive their care. Optimum attention and care are given to residents diagnosed with health-related conditions while wellness and preventive measures are given to those who are in good health and shape. Moreover, nurses ensure there is smooth communication between them and the physicians and pharmacies of the residents.

The management of Tabernacle Home Care LLC implements a person-centered approach in the provision of nursing care where the rights, opinions, and welfare of each resident is valued and respected.

Nursing Care Services

The work of nurses is multi-faceted and covers a range of health-related services that address the needs of residents. After a nursing assessment is carried out, nurses’ insights are used to create each resident’s care plan. The care plan would specify the services that residents need. The services include but are not limited to the following:

Diabetes Care

Special attention is given to seniors with diabetes. Aside from a special meal plan, they also receive foot care and safety training to minimize neuropathy and prevent infections.

Catheter Care

Patients with catheter devices must regularly receive nursing attention to ensure that their devices are in place and not causing them discomfort.

Pain Management

For residents who complain of pains due to chronic conditions, pain management in the form of medicines, physical training, and assistive devices are given by nurses to alleviate discomfort.