Phone Number: 612-812-1907

Round-the-clock care aims to secure the highest quality of safety for each resident.

Be at peace knowing that in all the times of the day, your loved one is protected. From morning, and evening to dawn, we have workers who stay up to tend to the needs of the elderly residents.

As an assisted living home, Tabernacle Home Care LLC recognizes that residents have unique needs that must be satisfied at different times of the day. With that, 24-hour care is implemented throughout the facility to effectively serve the elderly.

With the guidance of care plans, care providers are assigned to aid residents in achieving particular tasks. Assistance may come in the form of medication supervision, companionship during exercises, using assistive devices in going to bed or during walks, and one-on-one attention.

Round-the-clock care ensures that the needs of residents are satisfied.

One-on-One Care

Some residents may require greater attention and assistance from care providers compared to other older adults. This may stem from chronic health conditions whose symptoms need more time to manage. Care providers at Tabernacle Home Care LLC have recognized this scenario and have prepared contingencies to maintain quality support through one-on-one care, a form of care that focuses on fulfilling the individual needs of each resident.